You demand an explanation and I will give you one.

Lamp Revamp was created for a number of reasons.
one) it is first and foremost a place to unleash the flurry of photos I take while meandering the streets. I lived in Seattle for quite some time; Lamp Revamp started as a documentation of the art found scattered on those streets. I recently relocated to Portland — instead of abandoning the project, I’ve now begun to document temporary art found all along the Pacific Northwest.
two) it is a spot where you can see first-hand the ways in which electrical boxes, street corners, billboards, stop signs, lamp posts and doorways have been altered by individuals looking to make their mark on the world and leave a bit of beauty. The lifespan of many of these pieces is incredibly short – this is an effort to make them immortal.
three) I don’t mean it in just the literal sense of revamping the streets — these photos are also meant to redefine what you might consider art and what others might consider something completely different. So often the artists themselves are deemed criminals and required to practice their art shrouded in night – which might be the appeal – but art should be honored and respected, which is what Lamp Revamp is on a mission to do.
four) I did not create these works of art. However I do believe they deserve to be shared with individuals who might not notice them when walking about, and who might not have the opportunity to stumble across them on their own.
If you did create this art and do not wish to have your piece represented on this site, or would like to be credited, please send me an email: amalala[at]me[dot]com or leave a comment and I will remove it immediately.
five) thank you.