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Happy December y’all.

October 8th, 2010 — January 17th, 2010 at the Seattle Art Museum.

Grazie Josh:

Another installment in the series…

Adjacent to the famous Pink Elephant Car Wash.

Tacoma’s leaving it’s stamp on Seattle it would seem…

Wheatpastes found in downtown Seattle. Giddy up cowboy.

I saw two things this morning that thoroughly disappointed me, and it’s not even 9:00 AM yet.

The first, and we should all be sad about this, is that a piece of wheatpasted and mixed media art was taken off of an otherwise blank brick wall on the corner of 3rd and Stewart in downtown Seattle. All that remains now is one of those “you willed be towed” signs. Yesterday there was a life-sized wheatpaste of Joe Namath, with “everyone loves Joe Cool” sprawled out on the wall next to it. I stupidly didn’t photograph it cause I’m always the last person to think that someone won’t find something like that incredibly rad and leave it be.

The second disturbance was that I noticed they have begun advertising on the side of the Link Light Rail trains that slink all over South Seattle. I guess if you pay to deface public property, that’s okay.

I want Joe back. And I want to not be subjected to eyesores like this every morning:


no. YOU be city wise.