It is my distinct pleasure to report that Artifakt will be hosting an art show THIS FRIDAY revolving around the [most] glorious form of street art:
s t e n c i l s . . .

I’ve slithered around the streets documenting street art four years now, and in that time I’ve come to find that stencil graffiti is my favorite. It can be done beautifully with ridiculous skill and it can be done in a rush and rather shoddy, so I’m extremely jazzed to see the work that Wakuda, Grym, 179 and Urban Soule will present.

To top it off, there will be two rooms of music, covering a gaggle of different forms of turntablism, venturing from hip hop to nu-disco. Check out The Stencil Show Facebook event page for more information regarding the musical entertainment.


Who: Artifakt Multi-Genre Art Show

What: The Stencil Show

Where: Lo-Fi [429 Eastlake Avenue, Seattle, WA] (21+)

When: This Friday [December 10th 2010]

How [much]: $5